Tuesday, May 4, 2010

all good things must come to an end...

Graduation is a mere 3 days away.

In the wise words of someone's facebook status... On Friday afternoon, I will have to say "I went to Clemson" instead of "I go to Clemson."

But I will get to turn my Clemson ring around, have a beautifully framed diploma, and be an alum of the best college in this great nation.

In other news...I kind of have an interview next week...I just have to call on Tuesday to set it up. I really, really, really want a teaching job. I have just stressed and stressed over jobs and it would be so nice to have one come August. But, on the radio this morning, I heard that the state of S.C. is letting go 2,500 teachers. What the heck? No wonder our state has one of the lowest SAT scores and sucks in general when it comes to education.

Ahh...the real world makes me want to scream.

oh, and a shoutout to Rachel who checks this religiously.

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