Saturday, June 5, 2010

change is gonna come.


I feel like I say that everyday thanks to the wonderful Bryan Burton.

So a few things have changed in my life since I last "blogged". I moved back to Charleston (for good :) ), graduated from Clemson, and started back working at summer camp. okay, well not too exciting of changes. All I want to do is wear my Clemson alumni shirt. I feel like people think I am still in high school. I cannot believe I am a grown-up.

oh, oh, OH! Rachel Leigh Curry is now Rachel Curry Burton. AHH. My Lord. I love saying Rachel Curry Burton. and I love her and her hubby.

Oh again. Cara Adrienne Livingston is now an Auntie like me!!!! Owen Matthew Maxwell was born on graduation day!!! Now, I will always remember his bday!

My, I am not remembering all of these changes. Kaci Latrece Rackley is a Georgia Bulldog! I can't wait to go to Athens to visit! I've never been to Athens!

If I missed any changes in peoples lives, please forgive me.

In the wise words of Senor Allan (my high school spanish teacher)...Palabra a tu madre.

my babyman and my g-pa's dog sugarbear.

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